Earn MaplePoints for Vote


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Vote rewards

Now MasterMS for every vote you cast rewards you with MaplePoints.
The more votes you make, the more you will earn, you can get from 2k - 6k to a maximum of 5k - 15k daily.

You can double to triple your daily voting award by doing the following steps:
  1. Use your cell phone data mode and enter incognito mode to our page to generate the voting link.
  2. Generate the voting link and give it to a friend to vote for you.
  3. Remember that the maximum amount of the voting prize can be multiplied x3 .
  4. Remember not to claim the prize until you reach the maximum multiplied bonus that you want if you claim it before you will not be able to do it until tomorrow.

¿How and where can I vote?

To vote you must visit MasterMS - Clic Here, enter your login ID, clic Generate Link and vote.
- NOTE: When you make all your vows, remember to wait about 3 minutes before claiming the rewards.


¿How do I claim my MaplePoints?

Within the game, use the command "@email" and choose the option "rewards per vote".


For example:
In this case I did my normal and mobile voting in incognito data mode;
I have to claim the prize x2, if I give the link to a friend the prize would be x3.


- NOTE: Remember that the vote counter is reset every day at 7:00 pm (Peruvian time)