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What is Gacha Pierrot?

The Powergacha are tickets, which when used can give you a random object, you can touch an object of a normal, epic or legendary range,
there are a great variety of objects that can be obtained with PowerGacha.

Where do I find the minigame?

You can find the minigame in Trade Market with the NPC The Great GachaPierrot.

How do I get GachaPierrot?

You can get them in several ways, such as:

1.- With the NPC Lena. Here you can exchange some scrolls or items for others of a certain amount. (OPTION: Trade Rack)

2.- By the NPC Lung Tup. Here you can buy 5 units of Ticket Powergacha for 125m mesos. (OPTION: Miscellany Rack)

3.- By the NPC Tae Gong. Here you can buy 5 units of Ticket Powergacha for 20MD from MasterDiamond. (OPTION: Miscellany Rack)

3.- By Gachapon NPCs from any city; using a normal gachapon ticket (5% chance)


How can i play?

In order to play, you must talk to the NPC The Great GachaPierrot, choose the option Play GachaPierrot,
then it will show you several options, which are:


1.- The first option is to claim the prizes won in the GachaPierrot.


2.- The second option is to use the powergacha tickets that we have stored in our inventory in the CASH section and be able to play.


3.- The third option is so that they can give us the link of the mini game and be able to play. (we copy and paste the link into an internet browser)



- NOTE: In the second option it also allows us to choose an item that we want and to have a little more probability that it will touch us. (Option: Choose the jackpot)


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